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What is Cloud Vision API?


Cloud Vision provides powerful Image Analytics capabilities as easy to use APIs.
It enables application developers to build the next generation of application that can see, and understand the content within the images.
The service is built on powerful computer vision models that power several different Google services.
The service enables developers to detect a broad set of entities within an image from everyday objects, faces, and product logos.
The service is so easy to use.
As one of example of the use cases.
You can have any Raspberry Pi robot like GoPiGo calling the Cloud Vision API directly.
So the bot can send images taken by its camera to the cloud and can get analysis result to me real time.
It detects faces in an image along with the associated emotions.
The Cloud Vision API is also able to detect entities within the image.
Now, let's see how facial detection works.
Cloud Vision detects faces on the picture and returns the positions of eyes, nose, and mouth.
So you can program the bot to follow the face.
It also detects emotions such as joy, anger, surprise, and sorrow.
So the bot can move forward smiling faces or avoid anger or surprise face.
One of the very interesting features of Cloud Vision API is the entity detection that means it detects any objects you like.
That see however ex.
"It's glasses."
"It's banana."
"It's automobile."
"It's money."
You see?
Cloud Vision lets developers take advantage of Google's latest machine learning technologies quite easily.
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